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*We do not accept reservations on fridays after 4:00pm. 


tasty beginnings
mini chimis (3)
shredded tender beef rolled in flour tortillas & deep fried to golden brown.  served with a tasty beef dipping sauce. $8.5
mac's queso dip
spicy cheese dip melted with black beans, corn, diced chicken, tomato, jalapenos, and scallions.  Served with tortilla chips and macs homemade salsa.  $9
sante fe quesadilla
diced green chilies, red peppers, tomatoes, & red onion grilled & folded in a crisp flour tortilla with plenty of shredded cheese.  served with mac's homemade salsa. 7 add grilled chicken $2 or steak $2.5
chicken wings 

tossed with your choice of medium, hot, garlic parmesan, teriyaki, or BBQ. 10 wings $10 or 6 wings $6
potato skins

6 idaho halves crisped & loaded with bacon, cheese, & a sprinkle of diced chives. $9
cajun shrimp saute
½ lb. large shrimp sauteed in butter, cajun spices, & beer.  Served with two sourdough rolls. 12
fried zucchini
our breaded zucchini deep fried to golden brown. served with spicy ranch. $8.5

cold sandwiches
mac's chicken salad

savory blend of grilled chicken breast, toasted almonds, diced red bell peppers, chives, & spices. served on wheat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, & red onions. $9.50
mac's triple decker club
layers of oven-roasted turkey, honey ham, apple cider bacon, cheddar & provolone cheeses on white bread with mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, & tomato.  cut into quarters and served with mac's skinny fries.  $11
albacore tuna
mac’s special blend of albacore tuna salad. served on white bread with lettuce, tomato, & red onion. $9.5

hot sandwiches
bbq pork
shredded, slow-roasted with mac's bbq, coleslaw, & pickle chips. served on toasted white bread. $10
french dip
thin slices of our slow-roasted beef warmed in mac's homemade au jus & served on a garlic-buttered, double-toasted roll with melted swiss. $10.5
grilled, thin-sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, melted swiss, & russian dressing on toasted marble rye. $10.5
thinly sliced oven-roasted turkey breast, apple cider bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, & mayo on toasted sourdough bread. $11

mac's fish sandwich
seasoned whitefish filet seared & topped with melted american cheese. served on a garlic toasted sub roll with lettuce, tomato, red onion, & mayo. $10
spicy roast beef
thin slices of our slow-roasted beef, grilled & topped with jalapenos, red peppers, onion, & pepper jack cheese. Served on a sub roll with lettuce, tomato & chipotle mayo. $10.50
ultimate grilled cheese
toasted sourdough with grilled tomatoes, chive cream cheese, & four kinds of cheeses. 7 add ham, bacon, or avocado. $2.5
cuban sandwich
sliced briskit ham and roasted  pork grilled & pressed on a baguette with melted swiss, pickles, lettuce & spicy mustard. $10.50
ribeye cheese steak
thinly sliced ribeye grilled with onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.  topped with provolone cheese on a toasted garlic buttered sub roll.  Served with beer battered onion rings.  $11.50

mac's bomber
hot oven roasted turkey, roast beef, brisket ham, and melted provolone on a toasted , garlic buttered sub roll with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  $11

*gourmet burgers
mac grinds and hand forms his usda choice steak burger on the premises daily and serves them on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle chips, and a side of fries.  add avocado $1.5

substittute a veggie patty for any burger.  gluten-free buns available for $1.25

classic burger
our steak burger in its purest form. $10.5
classic cheeseburger
choose swiss, cheddar, provolone, pepperjack, mozzarella, bleu crumbles or american. $11.50
bleu cheese peppercorn
our ground steak folded with bleu cheese crumbles & crusted with black cracked peppercorns. $12.50
apple cider bacon & cheddar
simply delicious. $12.50
patty melt 
grilled onions & american cheese on toasted rye. $11.50
spicy jalapeño
grilled jalapeños, pepperjack cheese, & ancho mayo. $12
build your own burger
choose up to 3 toppings: cheese, apple cider bacon, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, green chilies, jalapenos, roasted red peppers, fried egg. $12.50

from the grill
usda choice hand cut in house , char-grilled, and served with sauteed veggies, choice of potato, and a warm sourdough roll.  add soup or salad $2
*top sirloin

mac's favorite steak

7 oz. $13.50

10 oz. premium cut.  limited availability.  $17 
*ribeye 10oz.
well marbelized for optimum flavor. $18.5

*petite filet
7 oz. of tender eating. $16.5
*steak sandwich
7 oz top sirloin open-faced on garlic toast with steak fries. $12.5
baby back ribs
spice-rubbed and slow roasted, slathered with mac's bbq.  served with coleslaw and choice of potato.  1/2 rack $14.50 Full rack $$18.50

gourmet salads
served with choice of dressing & a warm sourdough dinner roll.

rows of diced grilled chicken breast, apple cider bacon, tomato, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, & bleu cheese crumbles. 11
a delicious combination of bay shrimp, sea scallops, & lobster meat mixed with celery, chives, lemon juice, spices, & a creamy herb dressing. garnished with swiss cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, egg & avocado. $12
southwest chicken
grilled & chilled chicken breast seasoned with mac's southwest seasoning & fresh chopped cilantro. garnished with diced tomatoes, red onion, jicama, red bell peppers, black beans, and corn.  $12
chicken & candied pecan
grilled chopped chicken, candied pecans, bleu cheese crumbles, cucumbers, tomatoes, & red onion. best with mango vinaigrette. $12
caesar salad
traditional caesar salad. $7.5  add fresh-grilled chicken or steak. $5
add salmon. $7
kitchen-prepared dressings: sherry, raspberry vinaigrette, ranch, spicy ranch, bleu cheese, mango vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, russian, honey mustard, fat-free italian

char-grilled chicken sandwiches
with apple cider bacon, melted swiss, avocado, lettuce, tomato, & mayo on toasted wheat bread.  $11
tossed in mac's medium wing sauce & served on a toasted brioche roll with lettuce & tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles or ranch dressing. $10
chipotle chicken
seasoned with chipotle chili spice, grilled & topped with green chili strips, apple cider bacon, & melted pepperjack cheese. served on a toasted brioche roll with lettuce, tomato, & chipotle mayo. $11

pasta dishes
served with garlic toast. add soup or salad. 2
scampi linguini
medley of large shrimp & bay scallops sautéed in garlic butter & finished in a creamy white wine sauce. served over piping hot linguini with capers & a slice of garlic toast. $15.5
baked ziti
mac's version of an italian staple. we coat our penne pasta with homemade alfredo & marinara, toss it with simmered italian sausage & steak, top it with mozzarella & parmesan, & bake it until golden brown. $13.5
chicken marsala
tender boneless, skinless chicken breast sautéed with freshly sliced mushrooms & marsala wine. served over linguini pasta.  $14.5

supreme mac 'n' cheese

macaroni pasta coated with creamy cheese sauce and tossed with diced apple cider bacon, chicken, and green chilies.  topped with buttered bread crumbs.  $14

chelsea's pesto almond chicken pasta

fresh chicken sautéed ion olive oil with red peppers, onions, garlic, and sun dried tomatoes.  Tossed with almonds, pesto sauce, and penne pasta, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked to golden brown.  $14.5

seafood selections
served with house rice pilaf, sautéed veggies, & a warm sourdough roll. add soup or salad. 2
atlantic salmon
seasoned & char-grilled to just done & flavored with lemon dill butter. $17
grilled mahi mahi
mild, delicious filet, char-grilled and topped with cashew ginger butter.  $16
coconut shrimp
6 large shrimp dipped in beer batter and breaded with panko crumbs and shredded coconut. deep fried to golden brown. $14
southwestern grilled shrimp
6 large shrimp marinated in a garlic cilantro marinade & grilled to just done. $14
fish & chips
8 oz. of fresh haddock breaded & deep-fried to a golden brown. served with steak fries, coleslaw, & tartar sauce. $12.5

soup, sides & such
soup de jour

​ask about our daily offerings.  all soup s and chili are prepared in mac's kitchen.  cup $3.5  bowl $6
house salad

tomatoe, carrots, cucumber, red onion, shredded cheese, onion, and kitchen prepared croutons. $6

sirloin chili







kids corner- 12 and under- INCLUDES DRINK

chicken fingers   served with fries.  $6
mac & cheese   homemade & served with fruit. $6
*cheeseburger with fries  1/3 lb. with lettuce & tomato. $6.5            
grilled cheese  served with fries.  $5.5 
red or white sauce pasta with garlic toast. $6
*steak   4oz sirloin served with fries and garlic toast. $7


chocolate thunder cake
dusted with powdered sugar. $6

key lime pie $6

brownie sundae
homemade brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whip cream & a cherry. $6.5

new york cheesecake
creamy, smooth, & satisfying. $6